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A Newsletter for the Real Estate Education Programs


Humber College Summer and Fall 2021 Planning

We hope that you are all enjoying the new year. Humber College recently shared information with post-secondary students about expected academic delivery for Summer and Fall 2021, including a mix of in-person and online classes. We wanted to share with you that the Real Estate Education Programs delivered by Humber will continue to be fully online for the foreseeable future.

Humber is committed to our learners’ and our staff’s safety, and in-person, on-campus learning will only occur for courses where it is safe and necessary to do so. We continue to follow provincial and public health authority guidelines and directives.

The Real Estate Education Program Office is committed to providing a rich, career-focused education that prepares learners for a rewarding career in real estate and we will provide updates as the information becomes available.

Announcing the Real Estate Broker Program!

On January 28, 2021, RECO announced the launch of the new Real Estate Broker Program delivered by Humber. The program is for active real estate salespersons who aspire to continue their education to become a registered real estate broker. The program covers key aspects involved in owning, managing, or operating a real estate brokerage, such as:
  • Considerations when opening a brokerage
  • The responsibilities of a broker of record
  • The business and administrative aspects involved in running a brokerage
  • Examining relevant parts of the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA) from the perspective of a broker and brokerage compliance
All existing RECO registered real estate salespersons are eligible to enroll in the Real Estate Broker Program and Learners have up to 12 months to complete the program from the start date of the first course.

For more information about The Real Estate Broker Program please visit

Post-Registration Updates

The Post-Registration Phase, step 3 of the Real Estate Salesperson Program, was launched in December 2020. We offer our congratulations to the more than 50 learners who have already completed this phase.

Here’s what program alumni, Shammi, had to say about his Post-Registration experience:

"The instructors are knowledgeable, the support centre and content support desk were helpful, and the study materials were thorough and easy to follow. I felt supported by the program staff and because of this studying and succeeding in the courses was easy.”

Congratulations to Shammi and all our other Real Estate Salesperson Program alumni. We wish you the best of luck in your career.

For those still working towards completing Post-Registration electives, on Monday, February 22, Working in Real Estate: Rural, Recreational, Waterfront Properties – eLearning, will open for registration; eLearning courses will begin on Tuesday, February 23.

This course provides learners with more information about listing and selling rural residential, recreational, and waterfront properties. It is comprised of four modules that explain the requirements and processes for trading in rural residential, recreational, and waterfront properties.

For more information about Working in Real Estate: Rural, Recreational, Waterfront Properties – eLearning, please visit

Proctortrack Updates: Dedicated Learner Support Line

The Program Office is excited to announce the launch of a dedicated Proctortrack Support Line for Humber Learners. At the Program Office we are continuously looking at ways to improve our Learners' experience and this NEW dedicated Proctortrack support line is a direct response to your feedback and insights.

The NEW Proctortrack Technical Support Number: (844) 966-1155

Hours of operation:
  • Monday to Friday – 8am to 9pm EST
  • Saturday to Sunday – 8am to 7pm EST

A Few Program Reminders:

Exam Scheduling and Registration:

The Program Office understands that there may seem to be a long wait for scheduling and/or registering for your exam. As a reminder, we monitor learner demand daily and add seats as needed in keeping with resource and timeline considerations.

If Learners notice a new exam time(s) has opened, they may opt to transfer from an existing registration to a newly opened timeslot. However, please note that a $50 administration fee does apply to all transfers. For more information, please visit the Examination Policy and the Fees, Payments & Refunds Policy.
Improved Proctortrack Process:

The new simplified virtually proctored exam process was launched on January 2. To utilize the new process Learners must delete the current Proctortrack desktop app on their device then download and install the new chrome plugin and Proctortrack desktop app.

Step-by-step instructions on how to access, install the new plugin and App, and connect with Proctortrack can be found in the Proctortrack Learner Guide.

Please note, completing the identification verification process and securing the testing environment with your virtual proctor can take up to 45 minutes. Your exam time does not begin until your testing environment has been secured, you have informed your proctor you are ready to begin, and your exam has been unlocked.

For more information on the new process please visit the online Proctored Exams Resources and FAQs.

On January 15, the Real Estate Education Program Office announced that as of February 1, 2021, Course Extension requests will only be granted for extenuating circumstances. Learners are also required to complete a Course Extension Request Form and provide supporting documentation, as listed on the form.

Regardless of any course extensions, the maximum 24 months to complete the Pre-Registration Phase of the Real Estate Salesperson Program remains in place. For the Post-Registration Phase, regardless of any course extensions, learners must complete all requirements before the end of the initial two-year registration cycle to be eligible to renew registration with RECO.

All Post-Registration Phase extension requests must be approved by RECO. For more information, please visit RECO’s Post-Registration Phase FAQs.

A Program Extension request is similar and may be requested by a learner who is at risk of not completing the Real Estate Salesperson or Real Estate Broker Program within the allowable timeframe. A completed Program Extension Form must be submitted with supporting documentation.

Extension applications must be submitted before expiration of a phase or program (but no more than two months prior) and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If an extension request is not approved, learners will be required to re-start the program.

For more information on Course and/or Program extensions, please review our Curriculum Policy.

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